Types and Function of Check valve (all types of valve with pictures)

Check Valve (Non-Return Valve) : 
Non-return valve function: it allows fluids to pass in one direction and prevents reverse flow or water.
1Turkish places: 
j-riding on the main lines that serve high 
mountain areas to prevent water recoil at 
maintenance time 
2 rideinsidelift stations onexitevery pump 
3 ride inside the main room room at the exits of 
the stations before the lock-lock has entered into 
force in order to prevent 
4 used in high tanks with a separate ascending 
5 used in carrier lines to reduce the water 
hammer phenomenon, where the selection of 
Turkish places is studied to ensure an integrated 
system of protection from the water hammer 
Types of valves valves: 
1️⃣  Swing Check Valve ( single door)
2️⃣ Tilting Disk Check Valve
3️⃣ Lift Check Valve
4️⃣ Butterfly Check Valve
5️⃣ Piston Check Valve
6️⃣ Axial Check Valve ( Nozzle Type )
7️⃣ Ball Check Valve
8️⃣ Wafer Check Valve (Double door)
9️⃣ Multi- door Check Valve

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