Multiple Engineering Positions

Outage Season in the Middle East & Africa is almost upon us. 
I am interested in speaking to freelance Engineers with the below experience on GE or Alstom Technology that are ready to support NES on these Projects.

If you have not spoken with anyone from our team before then please get in touch on the following email:

1. GT Mechanical TFA
2. ST Mechanical TFA
3. Generator Specialist 
4. Generator Diagnostics
5. GT Electrical TFA
6. ST Electrical TFA
7. Vibration Analysis & BOP
8. GT Mechanical Commissioning
9. GT I&C Commissioning
10. ST Mechanical Commissioning
11. ST I&C Commissioning
12. Emission & Pulsation 
13. Hot Gas Path Specialists
14. Valve Specialist
15. GT Bladers
16. ST Bladers
17. Generator Winders

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