Electrical Supervisor

Electrical Supervisor

As a part of our continuous improvement process, the manning of our units is under constant evaluation. In order to secure safe and efficient operations, and also to secure experience transfer between our units the company will perform an evaluation throughout our entire fleet on the Norwegian sector. The preferred candidates will be offered the position where the company believes we best can utilize the candidate’s skills and experience. At present time we are seeking Electrical Supervisor for Deepsea Yantai.

Qualification Requirement:

• Formal education in compliance with international maritime regulations for Electro Technical Officer.
• ETO Certification CoC STCW A-III/6
• Additional competence related to rules and regulations, electrical installations in hazardous areas and rig system training.
• Systematic familiarization/competence assessment(s) for position.
• Document relevant experience from Mobile Offshore Drilling Units.
• Fluent written/oral Norwegian & English language.

These values describe our managers and personnel’s competence and personality:

The company emphasises in its recruitment policy to build teams with a diversified group of people, with regards to age, sex and cultural background

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