35/28 Rotational, Painting & Insulation Inspector

Painting & Insulation Inspector required for ADNOC-LNG, Offshore based, 35/28 job cycle. Degree in Material/Chemical/Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Diploma or Equivalent. 6-8 Minimum years of experience in Oil & Gas.
Inspects all plant assets within the LNG, OAS and IGD Plants, Utilities and off-plots areas to provide quality assurance and quality control of maintenance program for painting, insulation, fireproofing and refractory for ensuring plant fabric maintenance and integrity. Inspects all materials for painting, insulation/claddlng,
refractory and fireproofing work. . Ensure all blasting /painting and hot/cold Insulation works required for the LIVG plant.Provides technical support on Generation of specification and selection of materials for Painting, Insulation, Cladding, Refractory and Fireproofing works. Assess the integrity of coatings, insulation, etc. and reports atmospheric corrosion effects on coatings and other corrosion damages to coatings applied to internals of vessels. Provides technical support for evaluation of the durability of all paintwork, insulation systems applied and the use of specialized equipment for  painting/coating inspection .
Forward your CV in word format to rani.thomas@litwinme.ae/sweety.gupta@litwinme.ae

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